Minutes May 12, 2016

Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Held at CILCP

May 12, 2016

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by SILC Chair, Ms. Keri Wilkins. A quorum was established by Ms. Wilkins and the mission statement was read.

Secretary: At the direction of Ms. Wilkins, certification of voting members and the roll call was conducted by Denise Corcoran, Secretary.

Roll Call: The following councilors were in attendance:

  • Gary Bootay
  • Kathleen Kleinmann
  • Susan Tomasic
  • Theo Braddy
  • Melissa Hawkins
  • Keri Wilkins
  • Denise Corcoran
  • Yvonne Hughes

The following councilors were in attendance by telephone:

  • Amy Beck
  • Shona Eakin
  • Robert Mecca
  • Rob Oliver
  • Susan Tachau

The following Ex-Officio members were not in attendance:

  • David DeNotaris
  • Gelene Nason

MOTION was made by Susan Tomasic and seconded by Gary Bootay to accept the minutes from the February 11, 2016 meeting. Motion carried.

“Why We Do What We Do” Theo Braddy

  • The presentation was titled, Why We Do What We Do or You Lost That Loving Feeling.
  • It compared the similarities of the struggles of Freedom Riders in the deep south to those of the struggles of those advocates fighting for change in the documentary, Lives Worth Living.
  • Many of the similarities were shared and discussed during this brief presentation with the objective of re-awaken that Loving Feeling.

Department of Labor & Industry Update – Secretary Manderino

  • Overview of collectively meeting with CIL Executive Directors
  • pre-employment transition
  • expansion for on-the-job training opportunities and employment opportunities
  • SILC Board appointments discussion
  • Out of state travel restrictions vs in state travel for grantees
  • Budget impasse / CILs using lines of credit impact
  • Federal funding for CILs
  • Workforce development / training

OVR Report – David DeNotaris, Executive Director

  • OVR site administrator training
  • Overview and discussion of Employment First Executive Order
  • Comments are being taken on Employment First prior to OVR reporting back to Governor’s office by July 8

Update given by Kim Means and Jessie Crum-Lasko on SPIL projects

Election of Officers – Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary – Nominating Committee

Slate of officer nominations: Rob Oliver for Vice Chair, Melissa Hawkins for Treasurer, and Amy Beck for Secretary. None received from the floor.

MOTION was made by Kathleen Kleinmann and seconded by Denise Corcoran to accept the nomination of Rob Oliver for Vice Chair for a two year term.

Motion carried.

MOTION was made by Gary Bootay and seconded by Kathleen Kleinmann to accept the nomination of Melissa Hawkins for Treasurer for a two year term.

Motion carried.

MOTION was made by Kathleen Kleinmann and seconded by Denise Corcoran to accept the nomination of Amy Beck for Secretary for a two year term.

Motion carried.

PCIL Report – Melissa Hawkins, PCIL Vice Chair

  • Managed care organizations funding issues

Executive Director Report – Matthew Seeley, Executive Director

  • Report in board packet
  • Bylaws in regards to officer position for chair and vice-chair discussion
  • SPIL Writing team recommends council members pay dues in an effort to foster a vested interest in the council – bylaws committee to review in the near future
  • Telephone system is being replaced
  • Expressed gratitude to Susan Tomasic for her dedication to the board and staff

SPIL Committee Update – Susan Tomasic, Committee Chair

  • More input with this SPIL then in the history of all previous SPILS
  • Changes with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) now have CILs as signing partners | 51% signatures required for passage of the plan
  • SPIL Goals, objectives and action steps reviewed and discussed prior to the council voting to approve the SPIL
  • Board Chair Keri Wilkins signed the plan on behalf of the council. Signature page will be sent to CIL directors for signatures prior to submitting to Administration for Community Living (ACL) by June 30.
  • MOTION was made by Amy Beck and seconded by Yvonne Hughes to approve the FY1719 SPIL as presented.
  • Motion carried.

Chair Report – Keri Wilkins, SILC Chair

  • Report handed out at the meeting
  • Executive committee discussions about SILC finances, SPIL and communication between board and staff
  • Seeking new Committee chairs for standing committees.
  • MOTION was made by Kathleen Kleinmann and seconded by Susan Tomasic to add Theo Braddy as a signatory on the SILC bank accounts.
  • Motion carried.

Finance Committee Report – Keri Wilkins, SILC Chair for Susan Tachau

  • Income and expense statement
  • Budget amendment will be submitted to adjust budget lines

Membership Committee Report – Susan Tomasic, Committee Chair

  • Report in board packet
  • Still waiting for appointments and reappointments, most members are now serving in USQ status
  • David Gingrich has resigned. Need to determine Ex-officio replacement
  • Committee interviewed and are recommending Matthew Berwick to the council
  • CIL Directors being recommended by PCIL to fill vacancies are: Misty Dion, Timothy Finegan, George Palmer and Josh Pittenger. Paperwork will be requested and vote will be taken at the next meeting to recommend them to the Governor’s office.
  • MOTION was made by Kathleen Kleinmann and seconded by Rob Oliver to recommend Matthew Berwick’s name be sent to the Governor’s office for appointment.
  • Motion carried.

Website Committee Update – Melissa Hawkins, Committee Chair

  • Several phone calls with the web designer about content for the new website.
  • Committee is open to any comments or suggestions for the site.
  • Website is scheduled to go live on or about August 1.

Action Committee Report – Jeff Iseman, Staff

  • Report in board packet
  • Legislation about ABLE Act
  • House and Senate bill updates
  • Transportation – Uber update

Public Comments:

  • Sharon Behun, Director of the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    – Announced Hearing loss Expo on November 2 and 3
    – Working with PEMA as designated office to coordinate interpreters and captioning for any emergencies when the Governor is on TV during press conferences
    – Stressed the need for deaf blind SSP services
  • Ehyssa, Board member of the PA Society for the Advancement of the deaf
    – Overview of PATTAN youth day with 81 students in attendance

Adjournment until August 11, 2106