Human Service Transportation Update

Human Service Transportation: Proposed Broker halted; 180 Day Study for MATP / CHC Transportation and other human services transportation, led by PA DHS in conjunction with PennDOT & Aging

Due to protests and concerns from transportation advocates, consumers, providers and others, Governor Wolf signed Act 19 of 2019 (SB 695 amended) passed by the state legislature to delay implementation of the human services transportation broker for MATP and CHC transportation. You can see recent news updates here. PPTA (PA Transit Providers) shared public concerns over cuts and systems impact had the proposal moved forward. There was bipartisan support in expressing concerns (SB 390 and HB 986 supported a delay) about addressing the issue. A few still wanted no change. Effective immediately, PA DHS must undertake a 180 day study on the issue in conjunction with PA Departments of Aging and Transportation to access the impacts of such changes. PA DHS must produce a report on the proposed study within the first 90 days. Additional related impacts to various systems will be accessed. These include the Person With Disabilities (PWD) Shared Ride and ADA para-transit under PennDOT along with also Senior Shard Ride under PA Department of Aging. Human services transportation broker efforts undertaken in other states are also to be examined during this time.  This study delays the implementation of Act 40 of 2018 where language for the proposed human services transportation broker came and the RFA.