Help Test a Voting System for Use in Pennsylvania

If you are a Pennsylvania voter with a perceptual, mobility, dexterity or cognitive disability, the Pennsylvania Department of State needs your input.

The PA Dept. of State conducts examinations of all voting systems that are used in elections in the state – including all accessibility features.

During the week of October 15, the Department of State will hold an examination of the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 voting system. The entire examination is open for the public to observe.

We need voters with disabilities to try out the accessibility features.

To help us learn whether this voting system meets your access needs, you will:

  • Mark, verify and cast a simple ballot with any assistive features you would normally use.
  • Provide input about your experience and identify any issues you experienced.
  • Suggest ways the system can be set up to be easier for you to use.

We expect the test and your feedback to take 30-60 minutes.



Monday, October 15th from Noon to 5pm

Tuesday, October 16th from 9am to 5pm

Wednesday, October 17th from 9am to 5pm



Capitol Complex – Finance Building G-24B

If you have questions or would like to schedule a time to test the equipment: contact Sindhu Ramachandran at or 717-525-5743.

Thank you,
Disability Rights Pennsylvania
Offices In Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia