Web Accessibility

Accessibility on this Site

The PA SILC website was built with accessibility as its top priority. Every effort was taken to design a website that is accessible to all.

We are striving to keep this site as accessible as possible, so if you experience any problems or feel that something could be done to make this site more accessible, please use the form to the right to contact our Webmaster.

    Accessibility on the Web

    Accessibility on Google Chrome

    If you are using the Google Chrome browser, there are several features to make your web experience more accessible.

    • Page Zoom: In order to zoom in or zoom out of the currently displayed web page, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts – Zoom In (Control and + key) or to Zoom Out (Control and – key).  The zoom level will be remembered for each unique domain in Chrome.
    • Adjust Font and Size: you can change the size and fonts used throughout the web by going to Chrome Settings >> More Settings >> Web content >> Select your preferences and Save your options.
    • Adjust Contrast: To adjust the contrast in Google Chrome, you’ll want to install an extension by going to High Contrast Extensionand clicking Add to Chrome.  Then click on the Contrast icon in the top right corner of your browser and select your options.
    • Keyboard Access: Google Chromes has full keyboard access features.  Go to their Keyboard Access page for more details.
    • Additional Features: Google Chrome also offers a wide selection of free extensions to add to your browser to aid in accessibility. Visit the Extensions store for more information.

    For more information about Accessibility with the Google Chrome browser, visit the Products and Features page.

    Accessibility on Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer offers many accessibility options to assist you in exploring the web.  These options include:

    • Zoom in on a page: With a page open in Explorer, you can use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or zoom out of a page.  Hit the Control key and the + key to zoom in and hit the Control key and the – key to zoom out.  You can also click Settings >> Options >> Appearance >> and move the Zoom slider to increase or decrease zoom.
    • Make text larger or smaller: To change text size, in Internet Explorer press the Alt key to display the menu bar >> click View >> then click Text size. Choose to make text larger or smaller than the size on the screen.
    • Change font size, formatting and screen colors: in Explorer, go to Tools >> Internet Options >> select one of the three buttons “Colors” “Fonts” “Accessibility” and make your selections.
    • Keyboard navigation: In Explorer, you can quickly move around the web by using one key and one key combination: the Tab key or the Shift plus the Tab key.  More keyboard shortcuts are available on the Microsoft Shortcut page.
    • Customize to work with a screen reader or voice recognition program: go to Tools >> Internet Options >> select options under Accessibility, Browsing, and Multimedia

    For more information about Internet Explorer Accessibility, visit the Microsoft Accessibility page.

    Accessibility on Firefox

    If you are using Firefox for your browser, you can use the following features to increase accessibility:

    • Keyboard shortcuts: Firefox has a variety of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the web, for a complete list visit the keyboard shortcuts page.
    • Keyboard Navigation: To use keyboard navigation in Firefox, go to the Options window >> Advanced >> Accessibility >> and select “Always use the cursor keys to navigate within webpages”   To turn the feature on, click the F7 key.
    • Page Zoom: You can zoom in and out of pages or images with the following keyboard shortcuts: Zoom In (Control Key and + key), Zoom Out (Control key and – key) or to display at normal size (Control key and the zero key)
    • Text Size:  You can choose to change the text size only by pressing the Alt key to bring up the Firefox menu >> Click View >> Zoom >> Zoom Text Only.  You’ll then use the same controls:  Zoom In (Control Key and + key), Zoom Out (Control key and – key) or to display at normal size (Control key and the zero key)
    • Change Fonts & Colors: Go to Options >> Content >> Fonts and Colors >> set your default preferences
    • High Contrast: Firefox can automatically detect if you are using a High Contrast theme and then will display everything in your high contrast color scheme. To choose this option, go to the Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Accessibility Options >> Display >> check the Use High Contrast option.

    For more accessibility options, visit the Firefox Accessibility features page.