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Advocacy Links

National and State Public Policy and Trainings

  • National Council on Independent Living:  NCIL offers a national policy platform that advocates for the human and civil rights of all individuals. NCIL members directly determine public policy priorities through regular survey, and by serving on their legislative and advocacy subcommittees.
    NCIL Website

    Pennsylvania Council on Independent Living: The PCIL is a membership association of CILs located in Pennsylvania. The PCIL’s mission is to support the network of CILs and to advance the Independent Living movement.
    PCIL Website

    The Arc of Pennsylvania: The Arc of Pennsylvania promotes the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.
    The Arc Website

    Rehabilitation & Community Providers Association (RPCA): Representing providers of health and human services committed to effective, efficient, and high quality care.
    RCPA Website

  • Disability Rights Pennsylvania: Disability Rights Pennsylvania (DRP) helps children and adults with disabilities access special education services, obtain needed health and mental health care, gain access to employment and housing, and intervened to stop the abuse, neglect and rights violations of Pennsylvanians with disabilities.
    DPR Website

    Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania (MHA-PA): Works on behalf of the mental health of its citizens, instilling principles that facilitate recovery and resiliency of individuals and their families, through advocacy, education, and public policy.
    MHA-PA Website

    Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU): A national center for information, training, research, and technical assistance in independent living. Its goal is to expand the body of knowledge in independent living and to improve utilization of results of research programs and demonstration projects in this field.
    ILRU Website

Non–Profit & Lobbying Information

Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations: statewide membership organization serving and advancing the nonprofit sector through advocacy, collaboration, education and other services in order to improve the overall quality of life in Pennsylvania.
PANO Website

PA Department of State: Responsible for the licensure of Non-Profits; and providing lobbyist information.
PA DOS Website

Internal Revenue Service Website


Disability Voting Coalition (DVC): A project of Disability Rights Pennsylvania (DRP) that is funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC). The focus of their work is to promote voter registration, voting and civic engagement by people with disabilities, our families and allies.
PADVC Website

Votes PA: A website of the PA DOS, providing voter information including voter registration, absentee ballots, find a polling place and more.
Votes PA Website

Votes PA: Voting with a Disability